Upgrading your car has never been so easy!

Paintless dent repair, polishing, vinyl wrapping, ceramic nano-coating – these are all modern technologies widely used to upgrade the car without any damage to the paint, whilst keeping the car original and guaranteeing longevity throughout the years. Vinyl wrapping has already made its name when it comes to changing the color of the whole vehicle or just adding some extra details to it. Still, not everyone is aware of this new possibility.

We are “GAGA Studio“– Car care professionals. We started our business in 2012. In Kaunas, we established a car service center and started vinyl wrapping of the vehicles. Soon enough, we have improved and started offering professional paintless dent repair, polishing, ceramic nano-coating and other services. Years of experience and in-depth knowledge gained in Canada and the USA guarantee the best level of service today. Our growth is rapid, our personnel is constantly improving, we share and celebrate our team‘s achievements and constantly strive to look for more innovative ways for car detailing and care.
The equipment and materials we use for our services meet the highest quality standards. We represent one of the best manufacturers in the world – we are the official representatives in Baltic countries of Swiss dent repair equipment “Betag Innovation“ and ceramic nano-coating System X produced in the United States. “Gaga Studio“ also shares its knowledge of car care by conducting PDR training that is certified and registered by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania. PDR mokymus.
Since our team is always eager for new challenges that require unconventional solutions, we work not only with ordinary vehicles but also with race cars. We collaborate with professional racers like Vytis Slezas who is a long-time participant of the auto racing and a prizewinner. We have prepared and implemented for the racer the design of Porsche sports car. Another collaboration was with multiple award-winner in European F2 and other World auto racing championships – Edgaras Riabko. Our team implemented the design of water formula that caught the attention of not only the spectators but also other racers. Moreover, the whole bodywork of the car was coated in System X ceramic nano-coating, that prevented it from any dirt and helped the team to maintain it extra clean even in extreme conditions.

Every client matters, that is why we always listen to individual expectations, counsel and help to make the best choices with the most optimal proposition. You are welcome to come or contact us and we will implement your ideas together.