Car trim vinyl wrapping

Wrapping of exterior parts

Various parts of vehicle exterior are constantly exposed to environmental factors and over time it loses its appearance and the exterior becomes unattractive even after it has been washed and the replacement is expensive. Sometimes, there is a simple wish to change and to replace glossy trim details with a black shadow line. There is no need to purchase new parts, as we can offer to update it with a special film. We vinyl wrap grills, mirror frames, trim strips and all exterior trim details with the film of your choice of color and texture.

Wrapping of bodywork exterior

Using special film for car bodywork, our professional team wraps any different part of the body. We can wrap the roof giving it a panoramic roof effect, hood, spoilers and other parts with a special film of your choice. We stick bands and logos either.

Lights tinting

Over time, lights of the car wear off, glass becomes opaque and ruins the appearance of the car, but the cost of new lights is high, therefore we offer you lights polishing which is followed by wrapping it with the transparent protection film. We also suggest wrapping new lights either, to avoid this problem. There is a possibility to stylize your car lights with a dark film. Wrapping lights with this film will not only change the exterior of the vehicle but also will protect it. Besides, the film can be easily removed, which is not the case if you paint the lights with tinting lacquer.

Interior trim wrapping

Over time, the interior trim details scratch, wear and lose their properties. Interior trim is the highlight and embellishment of the entire interior, but if the car trim is outdated or worn out, it begins to annoy and no longer decorates, ruining the overall look. Thankfully, there is no need to replace trim details with expensive new ones, as we offer to entirely change the interior to what you like by wrapping it with a special film. We have a huge variety of different colors and patterns films, starting from all sorts of carbon fiber imitation to color film, Alcantara imitation, brushed aluminum imitation and other films of your choice. Once again, the car trim will delight your eyes, renew and embellish the interior of your car.



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