Car vinyl wrapping

Make your car extraordinary!

From now on there is a possibility for you to entirely change the appearance of your car. Just visit “Gaga Studio” and with the help of modern technology, we will change the color of your vehicle or will add some subtle stylish details to it.
Why paint it when you can wrap it? It has never been so easy to become not only extraordinary but also practical!
We can also change the color of every vehicle of your company, regardless of the type or brand of the car. The changes. will always be unique and according to your wishes.

The advantages of vinyl wrapping

It is not a novelty these days to change the color of the car or the car trim by vinyl wrapping. Still, not everyone is aware of it. That is why we would like to point out the benefits of this method:
- It is cheaper than painting. That is because the film protects the bodywork of the car from any negative environmental impact. This is extremely important for those who prefer to maintain the original color of the car since the layer of the paint is protected underneath the film and once it is removed the car will look as it was before the wrapping.
- There is a wide variety of possible colors and textures of the vinyl wrap – you can choose from matte, mirror or matte chrome films, carbon fiber or other color or texture films. That is why car wrapping is so unique – using basic painting method it is impossible to create such an exclusive design.

Additional car wrapping services

We offer: vinyl wrapping using matte, carbon fiber film, removal of vinyl wrap, vinyl wrapping of interior or exterior details of the car, roof vinyl wrapping, lights tinting, advertisement on the company’s cars and more. In addition, if you have a specific and unique idea of the design of your car, we can help you achieve it!

Long-term experience

Our specialists provide only professional vinyl wrapping of automobiles, yachts, boats and other objects. We create individual designs according to the client's needs and suggest, advice and help to decide. We assure you – your car will be upgraded to an eye-catching, respectable masterpiece of design.
The core of “Gaga Studio” are people, that have spent many years on deepening their knowledge and skills of vinyl wrapping business not only in Lithuania but also in Canada and the United States. The team of these specialists was gathered to create an exceptional product and introduce it to the market. We offer you the choice of AVERY, Hexis and 3M vinyl wrapping films.

Vinyl wrapping of company cars

Car wrapping benefits and possibilities:

- The protection of original car paint;
- Fast procedure. No need for vehicle disassembly;
- Exceptionally wide variety of color and pattern;
- AVERY, Hexis, 3M, KPMF films;
- Vinyl wrapping with transparent film for vehicle protection;
- Individual design according to client’s needs;
- Vinyl wrapping of certain details of the car;
- Vinyl wrapping of interior design of the vehicle.

Wrapping with protection film

In addition to the colored vinyl wrap, we can also offer to wrap your car with transparent protection film to avoid any bodywork damage when driving off-road or from stone chips. With this film, the paint of threshold, bumper and hood of your car will be protected so you will not have to worry about repainting the car to hide the scratches. More importantly, is the protection film will also, in most cases, protect your vehicle from inattentive drivers in the parking lots.



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