Paintless dent repair

Paintless dent repair (PDR) –a procedure that straightens the dents and scuff of the bodywork of the car. Using recent Swiss technology, methods and years of experience, we can return the flawless look of your car that it once had, without any paint. Our specialist repair even hail dents of the bodywork and after the procedure usually there are no marks of repair, so your vehicle appears as if there were no damage at all.

The main advantages of paintless dent repair

- Avoid repainting the part of bodywork;
- Cheaper than traditional bodywork repair;
- In most case, it is done on the same day;
- There is no risk of spray paint being applied to other areas of the vehicle;
- The risk of discoloration after painting is avoided;
- Avoid cracking and deformation of putty;
- The vehicle preserves the original paint;

Saving factory body paint

Compared to a repainted vehicle, the original paint retains a higher value. Even if only just doors or wing that needs repainting, it is always more beneficial to maintain the original vehicle paint.
For a long time, it was usual to either replace or repair damaged parts using forging, welding and then following these procedures with scrubbing, unbending, priming and painting. This method was very expensive, consuming time and resources. The end result was not always as expected, as poor-quality work often resulted in putty, painting problems, paint discrepancies, poor machining and coating usually resulted in rust.
Thankfully, at the moment the situation is quite different and you may have already heard, that much of the dents can be removed without leaving any visible marks of the repair. Replacement of the part, putty, painting, preparation work is avoided and the original paint, color and coating are preserved.


To find out the price of paintless dent repair, send us a photo of the damage of your car and we will contact you.

Process of dent repair evaluation:
1. You send the picture;
2. We estimate the size of the dent and the possible cost of repair;
3. We will contact you personally via the contacts listed on the form..