Time to change the appearance of your car? Trust it to professionals!

It is no surprise that everyone seeks to take a good care of their car: we wash it, scrub it in order to make it look clean, aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. However, it is quite often that after the wash of bodywork, the car does not look like it used to when it was brand new. No worries – everything can be restored. This is what our professionals do daily. .

It is no secret that the climate conditions in this region are not most favorable for preserving the looks of the exterior of the car. The paint and protective coating of the bodywork are constantly exposed to salts, dirt and volatile weather conditions. The varnish and paints of the car are also affected by unprofessional car washes that are not high quality and done using unsuitable equipment and dirty sponges. Some various size scratches also appear after the use of hard, sharp surfaces and objects. For these reasons, polishing is important not only for gloss and aesthetic appearance but also for protection. There are several types of polishes, but each time the situation needs to be assessed individually to select the most appropriate procedure.

Basic polishing

The type of polishing that requires more time and resources and, in the process, eliminates average size scratches from the paint surface. During the procedure, we remove small scratches that are visible with a direct bright light that way restoring the primary shine. You can clearly see how the intensity and brightness of the color are increased. The procedure also removes old residues of various dirt that could not be washed away.

Heavy polishing

Type of polishing that requires the most time and resources in order to remove deep scratches of the bodywork, as well as newly repainted body parts with defective paintwork. During the process of polishing, almost all scratches are eliminated, except those that had already reached the primer layer. Also, we remove all the dust and debris that has been left during the painting process. Same as with basic polishing, the heavy polishing restores the primary shine, as well as eliminates minor scratches visible under bright direct light. Noticeably more intense and brighter color and the removal of old residues of various impurities are just some of the benefits of heavy polishing. .


After polishing the bodywork of the car, we aim for the best effect to last for a long time. That is why we use the highest quality nano-coatings from the USA manufacturers. Once the surface of the car is coated with this coating, it acquires long-time protection against the harmful effects of the environment. The coating has anti-corrosive properties and protects the paint layer by hardening it to 9H+. Transparent layer of nano-coating only intensifies the color of the car even more. The bodywork is also protected from micro-scratches, UV rays, salts, bird excrement and other materials that damage the paint of your vehicle. You can read more about Nano-coatings here.

Lights polishing

One of the most important aspects of safe driving is proper and high-quality road lighting. Good visibility during darkness and in poor weather conditions is essential in order to safely reach the destination. For this reason, it is the condition of the car's lights that guarantees not only aesthetics but also your safety.

These days most car lights are made of the specific plastic, that has not only pluses but minuses, also. Over time, the top layer of the plastic is exposed to various environmental factors. Sun, salts, dirt, stone chips that severely damage the plastic of the lights, making it yellowish opaque and impedes the light. Later, the car may no longer meet the technical requirements. Other drivers may be dazzled, the luminous flux can be reduced double or even more. In this case, the lights of the car are usually changed to new ones. Nevertheless, we have good news for you! There is no need to replace it with new ones, as most, even the most worn-out lamps can be replaced. Using special sanding and polishing technology, the lights will become unrecognizable for the better. After the renewal by our craftsmen, the features of the lights will be barely any different than the new ones. Not only will the aesthetic appearance of the car be improved, but it will also significantly increase your road safety and driving comfort..




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